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Trail Adopter Program coming soon

Those of you who volunteered to Adopt a Trail will be receiving an email confirming your choice and including pertinent information about your responsibilities.  Once members agree to adopting their trail, the list of adopters will be published so that you may contact the adopter if you want to help.  There are still some orphan trails looking for trail love, check the list if you’re interested. is a new tool to use for reporting problems and WMNEMBA and trail adopters will be monitoring that site for trail reports and issues. Please remember that WMNEMBA exists solely  with landowner and land manager permissions.  Please do not reroute a trail, build new trails or change an obstacle that has existed on the trail.  If you think there should be an improvement to a trail, please email

Trailhead Access and Parking suggestions:

On the east side of North Conway, consider using the Hemlock Lane trailhead (near Walmart) whenever possible, or Cranmore if it’s not busy. Cranmore has some fun singletrack when heading south and riding through the Ghoullog is one of a kind. Pudding Pond trailhead on Thompson Road is convenient to Sticks & Stones but is a small lot with a lot of use; please consider this 3rd choice. The water tank parking area at the bottom of Red Tail/Kettle Ridge is also a small lot; please respect the neighbors by minimizing your noise and impact.

For the west side of town, the state park management has posted outside the main gate of Echo Lake for mountain bikers only, so, if there is room you may park there.  Additionally, you can park near Cathedral Ledge, . There’s some fun twisty singletrack to ride from Cathedral, it is marked with bike trail signs. Other options are the town’s  Marshall Conservation Area on West Side Road, or on High Street off Passaconaway Road.

Please keep your dog on leash until in the woods, wait until you’re away from the parking area to relieve yourself, and keep the noise down. Smoking or drinking in parking lots is not a good idea either. Stay out of the road so traffic is not disrupted and pick up trash if you see it. In general, please be a good neighbor so the local taxpayers don’t resent our presence.

Our mission is to advocate for mountain biking opportunities and create & maintain trails in the eastern White Mountains of New Hampshire. We rely on a group effort to get things done and to make our activities and events successful.

While you are out enjoying the local trails, keep in mind that a dedicated group of people spend much of their spare time caring for them. Your input and involvement is critical to our continued success; we can’t fulfill your needs unless we know what you want.  Please join NEMBA today and identify WMNEMBA as your local chapter.  Your assistance will make a difference.

The chapter has a schedule of activities including weekly trail work and rides to suit all levels. Check the links on the right for descriptions of planned rides, meeting notes, a group calendar and other events. To be notified of activity on one of the postings, be sure to subscribe to the post.

If you have any other suggestions to improve our trails, our communication, or our membership please let us know!