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White Mountains NEMBA (WM-NEMBA) is a 501c-3 non profit organization that was originally formed to provide a liaison between local land managers and the mountain biking community in the eastern White Mountains region of New Hampshire. We now perform regular trail maintenance and work closely with land managers to help preserve and expand our riding opportunities in the area. Our members are active in the riding community and include industry members, racers, race promoters, coaches, and the media.

We are blessed with not only the National Forest to ride in, but numerous other public lands including The Nature Conservancy’s Green Hills Preserve and Echo Lake/Cathedral Ledge State Park, as well as many other state and town conservation lands.

OUR GOALS: WM-NEMBA’s primary goals are to maintain and preserve the trails we ride, as well as to create more riding opportunities through building and designating more multi-use trails.

Because open space and land access issues are complex in our area, WMNEMBA represents the voice of mountain bikers on many key concerns. We work with land managers on an ongoing basis to resolve conflicts and provide input on critical issues such as the National Forest Plan Revision and access to public lands over private property. WMNEMBA works with the local news media to educate the community about mountain biking, and to educate mountain bikers about responsible riding.

We actively do trail maintenance, host an annual Trails Weekend, and schedule work projects, In addition, we do informal trail pruning and clean-up throughout the year.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In the 20+years that we’ve been around, WMNEMBA has had a number of significant accomplishments:

– We have worked closely with the National Forest Service to provide input to the National Forest Plan Revision and signed a volunteer services agreement to do trail maintenance on 18 trails in the Mt. Washington Valley, including a network of popular trails that were previously not recognized by the Forest Service.

Red Tail Trail – We negotiated agreements with the Town of Conway and Cranmore Mountain Resort and built a new trail in the Conway Common Lands near Hurricane Mountain Road. The popular 2.9-mile trail is a testpiece climb and popular downhill over technical terrain. It intersects the Mt. Cranmore Trail near its junction with the Black Cap Trail.

Shedd Woods Trail – We built a new trail in Conway’s Shedd Woods conservation land. This short trail is a textbook example of an IMBA-style bench cut and connects the Saco River’s 1st bridge swimming holes with the Memorial Hospital and Whitaker Woods trail networks.

Moat Mountains Mineral Site Trail – Working with the U.S. Forest Service and IMBA Trail Care Crew, we laid out and built a new mile long winding trail to replace an eroded jeep road through a clearcut. This section is now locally known as Sherwood Forest in memory of our friend Phil Sherwood.

IMBA Epic – The White Mountains was selected as an IMBA Epic site in 2003. The chapter put on an outstanding event, completing an impressive amount of trail work, leading epic rides, and hosting meals and highly entertaining bonfires.

Conway Recreational Path Bridge – White Mountains NEMBA and the Town of Conway jointly procured an $11,000 Recreational Trail Program (RTP) grant to replace the condemned Rec. Path bridge. We designed and built a new 50’ span steel structure to maintain access to this beautiful trail along the Saco River.

Pudding Pond Trail Railroad Crossing – Another joint venture with the Town of Conway, we constructed a timber RR crossing where the Pudding Pond Trail crosses the Mountain Division Railroad line.

Locust Lane/Pudding Pond Trail – NEMBA members constructed a switchback trail to replace a poorly constructed access on the North-South Road in North Conway.

Pudding Pond Bridge – Yet another joint RTP Grant project with the Town of Conway, NEMBA replaced a failing bridge with an aesthetic new steel structure with cedar railings.

Echo Lake Mapping – We obtained a NEMBA grant to fund a mapping project with a local cartographer. Trails in Cathedral Ledge/Echo Lake State Park were mapped and a kiosk installed at the park to display the map.

Sticks & Stones trail – Working with the Conway Conservation Commission, we designed and built a popular new singletrack trail with interesting stone features in the Pudding Pond Conservation Area.

Sidehill Trail – The first “new” trail built for mountain bikes in The Nature Conservancy’s Green Hill Preserve, we rerouted one end of an old motorcycle trail through Conway Conservation land to legitimize this fun and challenging trail.

Pudding Pond Bog Bridges – Using leftover RTP Grant money, NEMBA replaced over 250′ of bog bridges with bike-friendly puncheon-style bridges. Completion of this project adds a fun loop trail to the Sticks & Stones circuit.

Pump Track – We built a very fun pump track in Conway’s Pudding Pond Conservation Area.

Pump track roller tamp (Medium)

Tent Boulder Trail – we spent most of a summer replacing a short fall-line section with 1/2 mile long winding trail, and rebuilt a stream crossing with a stone ford and bench-cut singletrack on what was once steep hike-a-bike.

Marshall Conservation Area – we built multiple trails in the Town of Conway’s 400 acre MCA, including hand-built trails such as T-Bone and 2-Up, and machine-built trails such as Shumway and Muzzy.

– We have performed countless hours of trail maintenance.

– Our members serve on various key boards and committees, such as the MWV Rec Path Committee, the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust and Conway Conservation Commission, and have developed a strong relationship with the land managers from the National Forest Service, the Town of Conway, NH State Parks, Cranmore Mountain Resort, and The Nature Conservancy.

If you live in our region, or love to ride here, make your voice heard! We hope that you’ll join White Mountains NEMBA and help us create, maintain and preserve the excellent trail networks in the Whites.

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Facebook Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/wmnemba/  

Website: www.wmnemba.org

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  1. Lloyd Packer

    I live in Dighton Mass. but love riding in North Conway we camp at the Saco River Campground and ride many of the trails right from our camp site. We ride the North Conway mountain bike trails about 30 days a year. The trails are the best I have ridden any where. Thanks for all the work that goes into every trail.

    29ER Lloyd

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