Nov 14, 21 Meeting Minutes

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Fall Membership Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2021

  1. The meeting began at approximately 4:15pm with introductions of attendees.
    The following members were present:

Maryanne Dunfey (President)
Michael Simoneau (Vice President)
Leo Rossignal (Treasurer)
Dawn Canales (Secretary)
Tom Gill
Scott Brown
Amy Brown
Rob McConaghy
Kevin Prior
Liz Prior
Virginia Schrader
Bob Schrader
Chris Meier
Jeremiah Beach
Daren Morneau
Bob St Jean
Scott Sirota
Dianalyn Sirota
Scot Wright
Tracy Tulip
Tony Tulip
Muriel Mitchell
John Barley

The president asked that all members listen and stay positive for all opinions and decisions. INFO

  1. The president introduced the newly signed NEMBA and White Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) Agreement. The agreement lays the groundwork to resolve outstanding issues in connection with the creation of the WMBC and its separation from NEMBA. The following aspects of the agreement were outlined:
    a. To resolve all outstanding financial claims between the parties, an amount of $6,528.68 will be reimbursed to WMNEMBA. These funds may be used on a joint project between the two groups, at the discretion of WMNEMBA.
    b. In the spirit of goodwill, parties will develop an equipment/tool sharing agreement that is mutually acceptable and outline ownership and use arrangement on or before Jan 1, 2021.
    c. To communicate collaboration, both parties will agree to actively refrain from communicating false statements and/or disparaging comments about the other in private or in the public realm. Also, both parties will draft a public statement that expresses the desire of each organization to mutually respect and support the other before Dec 1, 2021.

Maryanne stated that the actual agreement was available to read if anyone was interested. The members discussed what the public statement should and should not include. A consensus was reached to place an article in the Conway Sun or Vibe magazine. The article would highlight that the two groups will be working together for the betterment of biking in the Mt Wash. Valley. ACTION ITEMS/No Point of Contact (POC) identified

  1. The secretary announced that the website is back up and running. It has been redesigned but is still a work in progress. Feedback is welcome with the intent of continuous improvement. Recommendations may be made at INFO
  2. John Barley presented the trail stewards report. He discussed the work completed by the TNT group this past season. Based on last year’s survey, water mitigation work on the East Side was required. A low-profile bridge was put in at the bottom of Swamp trail, fill work was done on Pillar to Pond trail, and drainage work was done on Outer Limits trail. Also, a short reroute was done on the mineral site trail at the Weeny Gulch to make it more ridable. A large stump was removed on the Electric Loop trail and a bridge was installed over a swampy area. A reroute was done on Lagers Lane trail for drainage as well as two substantial reroutes on the High School Trail. On the Mineral Site Trail, consideration was discussed to use some gravel to cover roots in order to make it more climbing friendly. INFO
  3. John reported that more help is needed at TNT. The group discussed recruiting avenues. One avenue was to recreate a trail builders weekend followed by cookout and a group ride. Virginia Schrader offered to coordinate some Kennett HS programs for trail work and training (trail building school/NH outdoor recreation program), and to utilize Mail Chimp or another source to store email addresses for improved communication. Dawn will provide a list of WMNEMBA email addresses to start the process. This would also be a good avenue to send out the 2022 survey that will include trail issues/improvement recommendations as well as to verify renewed interest with Trail Adopters. A trail adopters training session and tracking would need to be provided to all trail adopters. ACTION ITEM/POC: Dawn Canales
  4. A member informed everyone that the 2022 NEMBAfest is 5 – 7 Aug 22 at Carrabassett Valley, ME. Save the date! INFO
  5. Future Projects –

a. Maryanne indicated a new Bike Skills Park might be a good project with WMBC. A recommendation was for both clubs to contribute 50% of cost to the project. This initiative is still under consideration. INFO

b. A project has been suggested for work on the HS Loop Trail. Currently, part of the trail runs along the forest road from the shooting range parking lot and would be replaced by an actual trail to complete the loop. This would result in bikes and vehicles not being on the same road for safety. Also, there are two small reroutes recommended on the part of the trail that runs parallel to the forest road for improved sustainability. Work is in progress to gain approval from the Forest Service. A map of the proposed trail and reroutes will be completed within the next few weeks. INFO

c. The Pine Hill Ravine trail has been completed and additional trails are being considered. Volunteer efforts will be needed to help work on a spur trail off the Ravine trail in the Spring (perhaps an outdoor classroom in this area too).. Additional fundraising efforts are happening to help fund the completion of the trail. INFO

d. There is a potential for new MTB trails in the Dundee Community Forest. The forest has 1,200 acres and16 different land parcels that has been assembled by a local family. It spans the Bartlett and Jackson town lines and will be managed as a working forest. They are prioritizing low impact recreation but are considering higher-impact recreation like mountain biking as well as other recreation (motorized use and camping). However, abutters are nervous about new parking areas, wetlands, bootleg trails and sensitive forest areas. INFO

  1. WMNEMBA has been offered a Snow Dog groomer. Rob Adair is selling a groomer for $2,000. Maryanne relayed that there are 2 donors identified so the only expenses would be the funding tail (fuel and maintenance). A motion was made and seconded to buy the groomer. A show of hands was taken and the yeas were the majority. Gorham Bike and Ski has offered to provide fat bike group rides and will also participate in trail grooming. The snow dog would be stored at Gorham Bike and Ski. Sara Thompson (Gorham Bike and Ski) indicated a trail may be completed from their back door to the Pudding Pond to bike trails for winter riding. Training for grooming will be needed. ACTION/POC Maryanne Dunfey
  2. Eight trail maps are in the works for the Mt. Wash Valley. There are a couple of trails that need landowner approval to include on the maps. The goal is to have the maps completed by the spring. ACTION ITEM: Maryanne Dunfey
  3. Maryanne thanked all the trail volunteers (TNT crews, Solo and Ghost volunteers) for their contributions to maintaining and building trails this year. T-shirts donated by REI were offered to all volunteers in appreciation of their efforts. INFO
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
    Spring Meeting Balance – $11,027.25
    Donation to Upper Saco Valley Land Trust for Ravine Trail– $-1,000
    Flatbread Fund Raiser – $1,113.20 ($486.20 Pizza and $627.00 Silent Auction)
    Trail Maintenance and Bridges – $-1,428.88
    Membership Rebate – $392
    Forest Service Grant – $1,322.24 (Kiosks)
    NEMBA Trail Grant – $884
    Pay Pal Donations – $193.90
    Office Supplies – $-60.72
    Balance – $12,442.99
    *Pending expenses are TNT T-shirts $280, Maps $270 and a deposit of
    $6,528.68 from WMBC (NoCo)
  5. Maryanne relayed that Kingdom Trails are using a free app call “Ondago” versus Trail Forks for on-line trail maps. It was recommended that WMNEMBA trail networks be placed on the new app as well. Members suggested that we use both apps. Also, members get a 40% discount for Trail Forks through the NEMBA homepage discount codes. INFO
  6. Next meeting will be held in the Spring of 2022. Meeting was adjourned at approx. 6:30pm. Donated pizza from Maddy B’s was provided.

Dawn Canales
WMNEMBA Secretary

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