Tuesday Night Trailwork – Time for weekly trail work! We got a ton of really good work done over the past 4 years. Thanks to all who came out and helped. See below for venue and time.

TNT is sometimes sponsored by Kringle’s Country Store, Route 16, Glen.

6 Responses to “TNT”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    TNT 6/9 @6 if its not pouring rain meet at gravel pit on high st to finish up bog bridge building on high school trail. Bring bikes

  2. John Barley Says:

    5/19 Red Tail Trail 6:00pm. Let’s meet at the pullout above the water towers on Hurricane Mtn Rd for a bit of rock armoring. No bikes needed. Bring bug dope. Tools provided.

  3. radair Says:

    I have either food poisoning or the flu and will not make it. Trying to find someone to shuttle tools & trailer.

  4. radair Says:

    Tues. night trailwork for 5/12/2015 – we have a short trail relocation on Pillar to Pond a bit north of the bog bridges. Best bet would be to meet at the Thompson Road trailhead and ride in. If someone has a standard quick-release rear axle and is willing to pull a trailer with tools that would help. I will bring two trailers and hopefully enough tools. 6 pm

  5. RexKramer Says:

    I’ll be there with RogueHoe,Pulaski and handtools. I’ve got access to NEMBA trailer if ya need more let me know fattiremilitia @ gmail dot com

  6. radair Says:

    Tues. night trailwork for 5/5/2015 – we have a couple of trail relocations onto higher and drier ground on the lower part of Swamp trail and on Pillar to Pond a bit north of the bog bridges. Both are pin flagged but Rob has a meeting and Michael & John will be out of town. If you’re itching to dig in the dirt both need a bunch of saplings grubbed out. Let me know if you want to get started and need tools – 496-5853. Hopefully next week we can put together a full crew.

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