Trail Adopters Guidelines and Responsibilities

Ride or walk the trail regularly, at least twice a month and/or after any significant weather events.  This way you can monitor and assess its condition and note any issues that need to be addressed.  As an adopter, this is your primary and most important responsibility.

Prune back vegetation and overgrowth if necessary to ensure that the trail is clear of branches or brush growing in from the sides or above.  Review pruning procedure at stelprdb5343897.pdf (

Remove small fallen trees or branches, moving them well off the trail. Use a folding hand saw when necessary.

Basic clean out of existing drainages as needed and report any major drainage work requirements.

Visually inspect manmade structures to make sure they are in safe and usable condition.  Any rebuilding or replacing of bridges needs prior approval.

Remove litter when possible.

Ensure that all trail signs are in position, visible and in good condition.

Report any work that you have executed and/or work which will require more manpower or skilled labor. Adopters are not to change/reroute trails, move existing natural obstacles or otherwise change the nature of the trail.  Adopters will contact for suggestions for improvements or changes.

Email to use for reporting:

Website to use for reporting (optional)