Trail Conditions

Done some leaf blowing or clean-up? Know of trail issues that need attention, like a bridge out or a blowdown across the trail? Please post here.

A few thoughts on leaf blowing: this is a relatively new method for trail maintenance and can be somewhat controversial. First of all, NEMBA has had no conversations with land managers about this practice for the trails we are authorized to maintain.  This should probably occur before NEMBA as an organization does this work. While it seems most people in our area are generally in favor of leaf blowing, it can be overdone and/or poorly done. Some suggestions:

  • Drainages and grade reversals should be blown to get water off the trail.
  • Don’t overdo it – modern backpack blowers have the ability to scour the tread more than necessary. Keep a light finger on the throttle.
  • Keep it narrow; blowing trails more than 3′ to 4′ wide invites trail widening and braiding.
  • Do not blow trails under conifers – areas with deciduous trees only.

A related link here

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