Trail Work Needed

Riding a trail and find a tree down, a bad wet spot, something that needs attention?  Check to see if it’s posted here– if not, please describe the what and where so the trail committee can get on it.

We had an excellent turnout for the spring meeting last Wednesday and some great ideas exchanged. Some folks were asking about how they can help and what trail work can be done on their own time. Pruning branches back is always needed almost everywhere in the valley; those beech grow at an incredible rate and there are already face-slappers appearing. Clip the branches flush or close to the tree trunk – if you need pruners or a folding saw we have some available. If you’re a NEMBA member we have frequently provided personal tools, so send a message if you need some.

Machine work on the Shumway trail in the Marshall Conservation Area continues to progress. Hand finishing is needed behind the machine – pruning roots, smoothing the tread and shaping berms and backslope. There are also a number of boulder features that need ramps placed and most of these have rock stockpiled next to them. You can sign out tools from the NEMBA trailer for any of this work. Send a PM or call/text Rob at 496-5853. Thank you for the help!

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