Trails Adopters

Calling all TRAIL ADOPTERS! Do you want to adopt one of your favorite trails this season? As a trail adopter, you will be responsible for:

  1. Riding/walking trail as needed.
  2. Pruning back vegetation and overgrowth.
  3. Removing fallen branches and small trees.
  4. Cleaning out existing drainages.
  5. Inspecting manmade structures.
  6. Removing litter.
  7. Inspecting trail signs.
  8. Reporting executed work.
  9. Referring downed trees that require cutting and removal, and also any trail improvement recommendations.

Should you decided to be an adopter, please right click the link and select open to sign up on the Trail Adopters Sign Up sheet. Please use the pull down menu to select your trail(s) or add a trail by just typing in the name.
Also, there are columns for you to document trail work on the same sheet.
Many hands make faster work!

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