WMNEMBA Fall 2020 Newsletter

WMNEMBA Fall Newsletter

Well, the colors have faded, the leaves are down and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier.  WMNEMBA has some good news.  We’ve been awarded a trail improvement grant from NEMBA to bridge and reroute a small section of the Muffler Trail at its southern end. Many riders avoid the trail in the spring due to some seasonal water problems.  The grant supplies funds for the materials needed to bridge one section. Chris Krug, of Eastside Bike Guides, is heading up the project and the KHS mountain bike club is slated to help out as well.  We had very little time to apply for this grant, so the Advisory Board applied for a project that would improve the riding choices when parking at the Hemlock lot. In the future WMNEMBA will be utilizing member input and remains committed to letting the membership know before projects start.  There is a shortage of pressure treated lumber, so it’s unclear when we’ll get the materials to begin the project, but we hope to get started soon.

WMNEMBA is building a survey asking for input from members on where they would like to see trail improvements, extra maintenance, small reroutes, etc.  So, while you’re riding this fall, or have some time to reflect, think of areas that need some TLC.  WMNEMBA  has a list already started and will  look to the riding public for input as well. Some projects may take longer due to scope or obtaining permission from the Forest Service, but having a member-created list will provide opportunities for folks to come forward and volunteer to help with a pet project or one on a trail they ride often.

The wmnemba.org website has been updated.  On the main page, down a bit on the right side, you will see a link where you can log your volunteer hours.  Whether you go out on your own to clip and snip or work on a group project, you can log your time and location.  WE will be surveying the membership in hopes that there is enough interest to reinstate the TNT (Tuesday Night Trailwork) program.  WMNEMBA wants to provide various opportunities for members and others to be involved.  Next fall there will be goodies for those putting in the most time.

As soon as we are clear about where we stand financially a financial report will be posted on the website as well as meeting notes, agendas and announcements. Whenever a newsletter, financial report, or notice needs to be sent to members, we will use our email list, a post on the WMNEMBA group Facebook page with a link to the notification on the web page.   Please remember that the Facebook group page is for constructive discussion—there’s been a lot of emotion about changes to trails in the Valley and there are some things beyond WMNEMBA’s sphere.  WMNEMBA is focusing on maintaining and improving the trails that have been built by the club over the past 20 years.



Communication is important to us and not all riders use Facebook.  In many instances, information on a Facebook post may not be easy to find at a later date.  WMNEMBA retains an email list of members and interested parties and will send out important information through email.  That information will also be posted on the website and a link to that will be posted on Facebook The wmnemba.org web page is being updated on an ongoing basis.  There is now a Paypal donation button on the main page.  There are many riders who come to the valley and enjoy our trails but don’t necessarily want to buy a membership to NEMBA.  A Paypal button on trailforks and on our website will give those riders an opportunity to support our work.

Its a bit too early to set a date for the spring meeting, but not too early to send discussion and agenda ideas to wmnemba@gmail.com.  Well before the Spring meeting an agenda will be posted.  This will allow members who may not be able to attend the meeting to send ideas and comments to wmnemba@gmail.com so they can be heard.

To get WMNEMBA back on track, WMNEMBA is in the process of forming an advisory board that will define roles and responsibilities.   When each role is clarified and posted, members who would like to volunteer for positions can contact the Advisory Board.  At the Spring meeting, formal elections/appointments to those roles will be voted on. If you would like to be part of the Advisory Board, or help at any level, please contact us. WMNEMBA feels that, if people know what the responsibilities of each role are, there will likely be folks who will step up and assume responsibilities.

WMNEMBA looks forward to becoming a robust club of members of all riding abilities and interests to responsibly support mountain biking in the Mt. Washington Valley.  Feel free to contact us at wmnemba@gmail.com  with questions, concerns, thoughts and input.

Happy Riding!